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Looking to build your capacity as an individual or an organisation? 

Conscious Works professional development provides 1:1 coaching, group facilitation and cross-organisation development programs.

We use an inclusive integral framework that is focussed on generating deeper and more compassionate understanding of oneself and others. This approach leads to greater clarity, energy and capacity to deal with complexity for you and your organisation.

Based in Sydney, Australia, we coach both individuals and teams. We facilitate as well as design and deliver tailor-made programs that respond directly to your needs. 

Your call to us is obligation free. Explore the possibilities of what would most support you and your company at this stage in your life.  We are here to be of service in your professional development.


Are you changing your company’s direction? For example growing or downsizing? 

Are you personally changing roles, or being asked to respond at work in a way that is foreign to you?

Or are you transitioning out of your working life altogether ? 

Whatever shift you are trying to make, if you are experiencing hurdles that are recurring and frustrating, we can help. 

We offer a free 20-minute phone consultation for you to check out whether coaching and this method fits your needs. 

Please contact us now to book this chat.


We love the energy and potential of teamwork - and yet we have all experienced teams when things are not firing and tension is mounting. 

Call in Conscious Works and let us work with you to deepen your group’s cohesion & performance.

We help you to listen closely to your team’s health and attend to what is already in the room. 

What emerges will become part of a more resilient and engaged culture of creative individuals.



Into the Divides - Creating Pathways for Change

In 2018/2019 we are creating a new program for organisations that will drop us all deeply into the world of Wicked Problems. What are they are? How do we face them? Let alone deal with them? 

We could start with Climate Change and what that means for your organsation’s future. Or do you have a problem more pressing?  Can we mix in some humour and theatre!  This is a journey into complexity and everyone needs to be on board.



Would you leap in and run a marathon without doing some serious fitness training? And yet we often take up new and big challenges in our professional lives without thinking through the up-skilling that is needed to help us achieve our desired results. This may be simply because we don’t know where to find what we need and we may not even be able to name what it is we need.


An Integral coach works with you to clearly define your topic and help you see, and map a pathway that moves you in the direction you want to go


Having focussed and professional support while you test out new ways of being means you build new muscles that are sustainable for the long term. Our enlivening practices allow you to flex these muscles so that they become part of you.


The Value of Integral Coaching

Many coaching programs simply add new tools into the toolbox you already have; we refer to this as coaching 101, or getting better at what you already know. While this is of value, we aim for something bigger. Integral coaching is about identifying and building new personal capabilities that will have a high impact on your professional life, are relevant, practical and achievable and most importantly sustainable. 

We achieve results within 4-9 months with 7-12 sessions. Our coaching is never open ended.  Call us now to see if our style is a match for your needs.



Bringing more of oneself to work is often something we yearn for, but also something we shy away from.


With an Integral facilitator working in your organisation you will be assured of a healthy balance of challenge and support, a place to speak authentically, of enlivened dialogue, a place where diverse perspectives are not just honoured but deeply encouraged and a powerful way to build coherence. 

We raise the bar in your teams, your groups and your organisation by skilfully sharing a grounded practice, which is spacious and structured towards encouraging right action.



Introducing The Wicked Elephant Project... Into the Divides - Creating Pathways for Change

Jump into the chasms that divide us and explore with support and challenge the world of Wicked Problems. We use play and theatre in easy and fun ways to enliven a shared future. These programs will increase your people’s capacity for complexity, will have them engage not turn away from conflict,  strong emotions or high-stakes negotiation. It will encourage a curiosity in diversity, new ideas and multiple perspectives and enliven our ability and resources for making scalable change a reality. 

Click the link below to find out how this exciting initiative can lift your organisation and support your people’s creativity and engagement.

'Sometimes we just need a different perspective to be able to see clearly...' 


Conscious Works was founded by Deborah Collins, a professional development facilitator and coach who is passionate about change, on a small or large scale. 


Deborah has graduate degrees in Science Communication (M. Sci. Comm., ANU) and in Social Ecology (M. App. Sci. Social Ecology, UWS), she is an Associate Integral Coach through Integral Coaching Canada and a certified Integral facilitator through Ten Directions (USA). 


Personal statement


“In the early nineties, starting out in professional development in the corporate and government sector, I realised two keys things: new tools can help but they don’t make us masterful. And short-term fixes are just that – they don’t last”.  


“It was my own one-to-one work with an Integral trained professional coach that was the key to the deepest and most enlivening personal and professional changes of my life, changes that build real capability to bring out the best in us.” 


“When not at my desk or with you, you can find me in the mountains, preferably in winter or in the surf at any time of the year.” 



“I was treading water, waiting for things to change, and Deb Collins was instrumental in unpeeling my protective layers and reintroducing me to my essential self and my ability to affect change. Through humour and perception, she let me see and feel things in a refreshingly new way. Deb is fully present and a great listener, so even when the work was revealing and uncomfortable, her warmth and subtly in bringing in new ideas and light was generous and energising. Thank you Deb for an effective renewal. I now use the inspiration gained through coaching and feel new capabilities growing in me every day.”

LH, Brand Communications Manager, Sydney, Australia.

“Deb Collins literally changed my life.  I was a go-getter and fierce woman until perimenopause [A1] struck me down and I became someone I didn’t know. For no reason, I was sad, afraid and lost.  I met Deb in the surf while avoiding catching waves and she became my life coach. Deb has, in three months, changed my outlook from one of despair to one of a champion.  I will always experience doubt and failure, but thanks to Deb, I know this makes me stronger and I am now ready to ride any tide. Well, maybe not the water ones but that will come soon).

MB, Business Owner, Sydney, Australia 

“Deb is truly a very skilled coach who is a pleasure to work with.  She is highly constructive and intuitive, and generates practical solutions that genuinely work and make a real difference. I got far more out of her coaching than I had ever expected. My coaching really opened my eyes to how I could make a big, positive change in a relatively simple way. I am seeing the benefits all the time. Deb is a real find, and I thoroughly recommend her.”

C.C  COO and Co-Founder, Los Angeles, USA


Please contact us, with no obligation, to discuss your needs

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Phone - +61 (0)407 438 900


Avalon, Sydney NSW, Australia

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'The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.'
 - Tao Te Ching, Laozi
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